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Women of the Waterfront Benefit Screening - Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our benefit screening last night.  We
raised $173 for the Liverpool Dockworkers!

The Women of the Watefront Tour comes to Ottawa on the evening of Friday
Nov. 21.  Because of the promising turn-out to the video screening, we are
now looking for a larger hall for the speaking tour.  An announcement will
be posted to this list as soon as the location is confirmed.

To make a donation to the Liverpool Dockworkers, or to find out about
endorsing the upcoming event, please contact Nick by email
(nick@nanometrics.on.ca) or by phone (241-0124).  If you can help with
postering or have suggestions about publicity, let us know!

For more information about the Liverpool Dockworkers, check out these sites
on the internet:

Home page:
An overview of the history of the struggle from the Guardian:
Details of the WoW Canadian Tour:

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