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Invitation for a special get-to-gether Nov 27th


Originally-from: wfdn@inasec.ca (Wellness Foundation)

The Wellness Foundation; The World Business Academy, Ottawa Chapter, and
The QLN Network (Quality of Life) invite you on Nov 27th, your family, and
friends to a showing of The Wellness Foundation's video, which premiered at
the U.N. on October 6th 1997, Habitat Day:

   "THE FLOWERING OF OUR HUMAN SPIRIT - its healing time on planet earth"

The views expressed lever off of Albert Einstein's comment that
  "problems cannot be solved at the level of consciousness that created them."

This is being organised to support BUY NOTHING DAY!! and will include an
open discussion on the meaning of community,the factors affecting our
well-being, our quality of life, and alternatives to consumerism.

When:  Thursday,  November 27th, We start at 7 p.m. (Students Welcome)

Where: The Regional Municipality of Ottawa Carlton (RMOC), 111 Lisgar
       Ottawa - The Keefer Room -

Cost:  FREE, but donations of $5.00 or more will be really appreciated

Please pass this invitation for this special get-together along to your networks

For more information, please contact (EMAIL PREFERRED, PLEASE)

The Wellness Foundation      Jeremy Wright   749 3379      wfdn@inasec.ca

The World Business Academy,
         Ottawa Chapter      Kendel Rust     749 3336      krust@cyberplus.ca

The QLN Network              Mark Jowett     594 8503      symbiot@istar.ca

- ----------------------------

BUY NOTHING DAY !! (November 28th & 29th) is supported by a growing
international grass roots movement that seriously questions

This day is being observed in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, New
Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

This NEW revolutionary practice is FREE:

       (It can be practiced one or more days a week for even greater savings)


       (This is great for our grandchildren and all future generations)

- ----------------
About the video.

This video, the first two of four parts, provides a comprehensive view of
the global forces at play, as well as the common dominators which create
and sustain health and well-being at personal, community and global levels.

Based on footage shot on location in Istanbul at the NGO FORUM at the
United Nations Habitat II Summit,1996, it includes on location interviews

* Dr. Wally N'Dow, Secretary General, United Nations Habitat II Summit, Istanbul
* Dr. Leonard Duhl, "Healthy Cities Program" Collaborator with the WHO
* Elizabeth Dowdswell, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Program
* Michael Cohen, Senior Advisor, Environmental Sustainability, The World Bank
* Beverley Britton, Childrens' Peace Quilt Project
* David Korten, Author, "When Corporations Rule the World"
* Nancy Larson Rivard, Director, Airline Ambassadors
* Dr. Delores Alleyne, Director, Adolescent and Child Health Services,
        Los Angeles County Health Department

and many others..

SO please come for a fun and informative evening.

RSVP If you can, so we have some idea of numbers. It doesn't matter if you
don't - come anyway.

- -----------
About the Wellness Foundation

The Wellness Foundation, an NGO, believes that if we are to become
sustainable, Wellbeing must replace consumerism as our dominant investment
paradigm. A shift from greed-driven systems to a more spiritual
values-driven systems is now imperative. The Foundation is active with the
UN Habitat and Human Settlement agendas including healthy communities; and,
inspired by Florence Nightingale  promotes the concept of "Healers as
Leaders" as part of the new order.

About the World Business Academy, Ottawa Chapter.

The World Business Academy, Ottawa Chapter, founded by Willis Harman,
believes that we must each now "take responsibility for the whole". WBA
meets informally for Breakfast,the first Wednesday of every month to
examine new business initiatives

About the QLN Network.

The QLN Network, founded by Robert Theobald, (Reinventing Success) promotes
the concept that quality of life (QLN) require  attention if we are to
prosper. QLN, meets the third Monday evening of every month.

- -----------

PS I am sending this Email to Buy Nothing Day co-ordinators outside of
Ottawa and internationally for their information . Attached below are
copies FYI.

- -----------
TO  bnd@omslag.antenna.nl (Omslag Buy Nothing Day Campaign)

This is what we are planning here in Ottawa. Please add me to your list serve

- -----------
TO International Buy Nothing Day Campaigners:

This is what we are planning here in Ottawa. We would be most interested in
hearing about your plans and activities so that we can share them at our
meeting. Please keep us informed.

On our side, this is to further share that the Flowering of the Human
Spirit video has been designed for educational and neighbourhood discussion
purposes covering the issues of over-consumption and sustaining development
that lie behind the Buy Nothing Day concept.

This first release contains the first two parts (1. Its healing time on
planet earth; and 2. A new cycle begins) of a four part series.The last two
parts will hopefully be completed sometime in 1998.

Copies of parts 1 & 2 are now available on request from the Wellness
Foundation in both NTSC and PAL formats.

We have to charge for them and shipping and handling. If you would like
copies for your group or as Xmas presents, please Email me at
wfdn@inasec.ca and I will Email you back details of cost and shipping
options (fedex, snail mail) to your location. (We don't have a web site


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