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Women of the Waterfront Speaking Tour

          Women of the Waterfront Speaking Tour
                    Making it Global:

               The Ongoing Struggle of the
                  Liverpool Dockworkers

Valerie Bibby and Marie Eustace of Liverpool's Women of
the Waterfront are speaking in Ottawa as part of a
Canada-wide tour.  The purpose of the tour is to raise
awareness and funds for the Liverpool dockworkers.  In
this public forum they relate the experiences of the
dockers and their families, and put their struggle in
the global context of privatization and downsizing.

Close to 500 Liverpool dock workers have been waging a
two-year long struggle against the use of casual,
part-time scab labour in the Port of Liverpool,
England.  The Mersey Docks and Harbour Company fired
the dockworkers when they refused to cross a picket
line and replaced them with part-time scab labour.  The
struggle in Liverpool is growing.Dockworkers around the
world are staging international days of action in
solidarity, which have included actions by dockworkers
and their supporters in Halifax, St. John, Montreal and

                   Friday November 21
                        7:30 p.m.
                  Room 129, Simard Hall
                  University of Ottawa
For more information or to arrange childcare, contact
Nick at 241-0124.  Check out the dockers' website at:

               This event is sponsored by:

           Liverpool Dockers' Solidarity Network
          CUPE Ontario Division Women's Committee
               CUPE Ottawa District Council
                     CUPE Local 2898
                   New Socialist Group
                      Octopus Books

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