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Teachers Union Presidents Speak

Teacher Unions position on the ammendments to Bill 160, the  green ribbon
campaign and a general election.

I sent the following to as many teacher union presidents as I could get
addresses for. I have thus far compiled a 13 page document with responses
from the locals and the provincial offices. 4 provincials have responded
and one has acknowledged reciept and is considering a response.

If you want the full content response please send me an email request.
There is consensus.

The letter sent is below: If you local did not recieve a copy please
provide them with one thanks.

This letter is to be sent to all elementary and secondary teachers Union
Presidents from Jane Scharf parent at Leeds and Greenville Board.

Presidents to return response by email: dn701@freenet.carleton
                by fax: 613 258-6176
                by mail: Jane Scharf RR 4 Spencerville,
Ontario, KOE 1XO

I would like proof of service for this mail delivery to the presidents.
Email confirmation is sufficient thanks.

Dear President: RE: BILL 160

I am a parent in the Leeds and Board district. I want to get involved with
the green ribbon campaign but I have been unable to do so thus far because
I am getting conflicting positions from the unions as to their support of
this campaign.

As you know Bill 160 strips the students, teachers, parents, and boards of
*all* the existing rights we have come to appreciate under the current
legislative framework.

The unions have demanded dramatic changes to this bill. They have indicated
that without comprehensive changes they want the bill scrapped.

>From what the public gathers the unions have not accepted the amendments
put forth by Harris and are still officially campaigning against Bill 160.

The parent organizers of the Green Ribbon Campaign want the unions,
teachers and parents as well as the public at large to show they are still
on side against Bill 160.

On behalf of your district please indicate if you agree or disagree with
all or any of the following:

1) Bill 160 should be scrapped because the amendments are insufficient

2) Our district is officially a part of the green ribbon campaign

3) Our district will serve as a distribution spot for the green ribbons to
be pick up by parent councils who will distribute to the parents.

4) The Governor General of Canada should instruct the Lieutenant Governor
of Ontario to call an general election in Ontario because Harris is
undermining our education rights as protected in the constitution.

Because of the pressing time factors involve i.e. the bill is about to be
passed into law I ask that all responses be made no later than 5:00 PM
November 19/97.

The results will be published, yes, no or nothing on these topics.

Thank you for your valuable time,

Hoping we are in solidarity,

Jane Scharf

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