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MAI hearings! Tues. meeting CANCELLED, next one moved

The MAI-not meeting at 4:30 this tuesday Nov. 25th is CANCELLED due to the
MAI hearings on Parliament Hill. 

Instead, come view the final MAI hearings at 3:15 Mon. Tues or Thurs. this
week. Come to the Visitors entrance at Centre Block. Bring ID, and say "I'm
an observer at the hearings by the Subcommittee on International Trade."
Then go to room 253D (confirm with security at the entrance in case they
move it.) They run til about 5:30. The discussions are often quite
interesting, and presenters often have handouts. (Nonetheless the final
subcommittee report will almost certainly favour the MAI.)

Come next week, to our next MAI-not meeting, Tues. Dec. at a NEW LOCATION:
2nd, 301 Montpetit Hall at Ottawa U. 

We will discuss the hearings and the next steps. Our MAI contact list will
receive a detailed mailing by email on how to write and meet your MP. If
you wish one, just email me back.

Terry Cottam
MAI-Not! OPIRG-Carleton
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