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rally re: program closures - fri. nov. 28 at 12 pm

It's your education on the chopping block!  Don't you deserve the right to
be heard?

On Thursday November 20th President Van Loon  informed members of the press
that Carleton University would be closing a number of academic programs at
Carleton and laying-off  20 to 30 faculty and a larger number of
non-academic staff.  All this was done before the departments had been
notified.  Furthermore, there has been minimal consultation done with
students, faculty or staff.  The programs on the chopping block include:
BSc in Physics and Statistics (Mathematics); German (BA and MA), Spanish
(BA and MA), Italian (BA), Russian (BA); a number of joint programs; and
the entire Comparative Literature program (BA, MA and PhD).  Senate will be
voting on this measure on Friday November 28 at 1:30 pm in a  CLOSED
SESSION.  This makes a mockery of the democratic institutions guiding this
university.  Join us in calling on the Senate to open up the process and
listen to  those most affected - students, faculty and  staff.

Benefit in Mike's Place (2nd floor Unicentre) Thursday Nov. 27 at 8:30 pm

Rally Friday Nov. 28
12:00 pm gather in the quad - front of Dunton Tower
12:45 March to Robertson Hall

Call on the Senate to open the process and consult with those affected.

Endorsed by:  GSA; CUASA; OPIRG-Carleton; CUPE 1281; CUPE 2323; Masters
Students Union - School of Social Work; School of Languages, Literatures
and Comparative Literary Studies

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