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Snowmobiles in Gatineau Park?

This may be somewhat of a different topic for this list, but there's alot
of activists here that likely enjoy skiing in Gatineau Park.  I thought it
would be a good thing to pass this along here ...

>As fellow cross-country skiers, you might be interested in this.
>It was posted on the internal news group for the Nortel ski club
>today. I cannot verify the information myself, but if it's true
>we should all do something about it! The trails around Lac Phillipe
>are beatiful! Names and phone numbers to the NCC are at the bottom
>of the message. Please feel free to forward the message to 
>other interested skiers!
>This Friday, Nov 28, the NCC will be making a decision on whether
>trails  #51 and #53 in Gatineau Park should be open to snowmobilers.  This
>would  result in the closure of these trails to xcountry skiers (as required
>by  provincial law).
>The Municipality of La Peche has requested that the NCC open these
>trails to snowmobiling.  The NCC owns all of trail #51 and half of trail #53.
>The Municipality owns the other half of #53 (otherwise known as
>Kennedy  Road).
>The NCC has complete jurisdiction over their part of the trail system
>and  can oppose the use of snowmobiles on their trails.
>NOTE: It is against the NCC's recreational policies and preservation 
>mandate for Gatineau Park to allow the use of snowmobiles in the Park.
>In 1993, the NCC and the Municipality of La Peche and the local 
>snowmobilers association came to an agreement.  A snowmobile trail was
>created north of the park.  Since then, the local businesses in La
>Peche  (who post advertising along the trail) have not noticed an increase/ 
>improvement in business.  They feel that is because the trail is too
>far north.
>The snowmobile association and the local businesses therefore want the
>trail to be moved to #51 and #53 (where they expect higher snowmobile 
>use).  The potential economic benefit to the local businesses based on
>the provincial average is approx. $125-150/ day/ snowmobiler.  The 
>potential benefit to the Municipality of La Peche, specifically, is 
>unknown.  The economic benefit per cross country skiers is also
>Gatineau Park is our closest and dearest park.
>PLEASE express your concern over this issue ASAP to:
>Marcel Beaudry
>Chairman - NCC
>FAX: 239-5039
>Jean-Renee Doyon
>Director of the Gatineau Park
>TEL: 827-2711
>FAX: 827-3337
>Municipality of La Peche
>Robert Bussiere
>- Mayor
>Charles Ricard
>- Treasurer
>TEL: 456-2161

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