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MAI-not meeting: "calling all STUDENTS"

		 w h o   w a n t s  t o
		E N D  D E M O C R A C Y ?
		       M . A . I . ? 
		       Tell us why

ALL WELCOME to the next MAI-not meeting, on the Multilateral Agreement on

7:00pm, this Tues. Dec. 2nd (also 9th and 16th)
NEW LOCATION: 301 Montpetit Hall at Ottawa U. 
(between Unicentre and OC Transpo Campus station)

Let's build a student movement to hold our MPs accountable!! The Canadian
Federation of Students has distributed our "MAI? tell us why" Dec 5th
mailing. Talk to students, call your student association! We will have
copies of the mailing. 

Please bring your MP MAI correspondence: "Who would benefit from the MAI,
who would bear the costs and risks, and why should they?" DOES YOUR MP HAVE
THE M.A.I. DRAFT? If not, s/he cannot claim to be adequately informed on
the MAI.

The last MAI hearings are past. Why no publicity? Why were they only in
Ottawa? Why less than 20 hours of public hearings? Those who went will
report their impressions. E.g. the MAI tribunal hearings would work in
secret, and decisions would be final. A global "star chamber," accountable
to no-one? "Why?" Answer: "It's faster, cheaper." 

We also have "MAI? tell us why" STICKERS. A limited number to start, we'll
give away samples and accept mail orders at cost: $5 per 50 stickers
(cheques to OPIRG-Carleton, address below).

Terry Cottam
MAI-Not! Project, OPIRG-Carleton
Rm 326, Unicentre, 1125 Colonel By Drive
Carleton University, Ottawa ON K1S 5B6
520-2757, fax 520-3989, opirg@carleton.ca
www.flora.org/mai-not (the full Dec 5th mailing is posted on this site)

(This announcement goes to the OPIRG-events list-serv and the MAI-not
contact list. If one of you wishes to discontinue for any reason, please
let me know.)

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