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>Could you please forward this around as much as possible. Thanks
>>F A I R  W O R K  N O T  W O R K F A R E
>>	Rally at the Human Rights monument on Elgin Street beside the court
>>house on December 21, 1997 at 2:00 pm to warn Harris of a protracted
>>general strike if he puts through mandatory workfare legislation with
>>exemptions from labour and human rights.
>>	The Harris government is just about to pass an amendment to Bill
>>142 to make it legal to force people to work for less than minimum wage
>>with no breaks or holiday pay, right to start or join a union, health and
>>safety protection, WCB coverage or protection from discrimination.
>>	In other provinces that have already legalized workfare hospital
>>workers, teachers and other public and private sector employees are being
>>replaced by workfare participants. Thousands of jobs are lost in favour
>>of replacing them with unemployed persons on welfare and Employment
>>Insurance. In Saskatchewan for example entire shopping complexes are
>>built by unemployed carpenters, plumbers, labourers etc.
>>	Displaced workers themselves are forced back to work for welfare
>>rates and EI rates. Often the workfare participant is forced to do
>>dangerous work that cannot be done by regular workers.
>>		The rational behind this policy shift is to bust unions,
>>and drive down wages and working conditions to increase corporate profits.
>>	This is about the last step in the rape of Ontario's health,
>>eduction and social service programs. And this is the last chance to
>>fight back.
>>organizers: Jane Scharf and Sue Clark Phone: 258-6176

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