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MAI-not meeting: open forum

This MAI meeting will be again at 103 Montpetit Hall, Ottawa U. tonight,
Tuesday, 9 Dec. 

(The room is hard to find. You have to go in by the entrance up the steps
next to the North-South overpass just east of the Unicentre.)


Update on the past week
- another "global teach-in" planned for February, in which MAI-not will
have a workshop
- stickers to come out in French
- meeting Mac Harb tomorrow

Then open forum. Bring any questions. We'll have materials on hand.

In fact, we are taking a bit of a breather this week. Next Tuesday will be
the final meeting of the year with a much fuller agenda to map out the new
year. Then a well-deserved break for the holidays.


Terry Cottam
MAI-Not! Project
OPIRG-Carleton, 520-2757
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