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1998 "MAI? Tell us why" planning meeting

*** The Multilateral Agreement on Investment ***
***       A proposal to end democracy?       ***


Here is the URL for the complete results of the MAI hearings, including the
NDP and Reform Minority Reports (hint, go straight to the table of contents):


This link will be added shortly to our website, http://www.flora.org/mai-not


All are welcome to our last MAI-Not meeting in 1997. Information materials
will be available.

PLACE:  103 Montpetit Hall, U. of Ottawa
TIME:   7pm, tomorrow Tuesday Dec. 16th 

To get there, go to the south entrance of the Unicentre. Beside you, by the
street, is the sign for Montpetit. Go up the steps, across the courtyard to
the corner entrance where the building passes over the street.

We will discuss the hearings results, and the results of our meeting with
our MP Mac Harb. We were disappointed but not surprised by his lack of
cooperation. We have a strategy to deal with this.

One of the decisions we will make is whether to change our name from the
MAI-Not! Project to the "MAI? Tell us why" Campaign, to better reflect our
new focus on accountability.

Finally, we will plan the first four months of 1998, up until the time the
Canadian government wants to pass the MAI, along with 28 other
industrialized countries. We will create a rough plan, subject to change,
that will be mindful of the plans of the two other local groups active on
the MAI, the Unitarian Church and the Ottawa Chapter of the Council of
Canadians. One idea is to spread the word at major Ottawa events such as

(We will continue meetings alternating between Carleton and Ottawa campuses
in the new year.)

Look forward to seeing you there! Please bring a friend!

Terry Cottam, 236-6433 (home)
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