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F A I R  W O R K  N O T  W O R K F A R E

	Rally at the Human Rights monument on Elgin Street, Ottawa beside
the court house on December 21, 1997 at 2:00 pm to warn Harris of a
protracted general strike if he puts through mandatory workfare legislation
with exemptions from labour and human rights.
	The Harris government is just about to pass an amendment to Bill
142 to make it legal to force people to work for less than minimum wage
with no breaks or holiday pay, right to start or join a union, health and
safety protection, WCB coverage or protection from discrimination.
	In other provinces that have already legalized workfare hospital
workers, teachers and other public and private sector employees are being
replaced by workfare participants. Thousands of jobs are lost in favour of
replacing them with unemployed persons on welfare and Employment Insurance.
In Saskatchewan for example entire shopping complexes are built by
unemployed carpenters, plumbers, labourers etc.
	Displaced workers themselves are forced back to work for welfare
rates and EI rates. Often the workfare participant is forced to do
dangerous work that cannot be done by regular workers.
	The rational behind this policy shift is to bust unions, and drive
down wages and working conditions to increase corporate profits.
	This is about the last step in the rape of Ontario's health,
eduction and social service programs. And this is the last chance to fight

organizers: Jane Scharf and Sue Clark Phone: 258-6176

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