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The MAI-Not! Project with OPIRG-Carleton is pleased to pass on this


On Saturday, January 3rd, the Canadian Parliamentary Channel (CPAC) will
re-broadcast the debate on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment
(MAI) that took place in Toronto at the St.Lawrence Centre on November
18th with a full house of 500 people in attendance. (We want to thank
all who contacted CPAC to have the debate rebroadcast - every e-mail,
fax and call no doubt contributed to this.)

1:19 pm - 3:21 pm   Eastern time

The debaters are DAVID ORCHARD, chairman of CCAFT and author of THE
and DOUG GREGORY representing the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and IBM.
(The International Chamber of Commerce has played a central role in
getting the MAI on the OECD agenda.) The debate is a valuable public
education effort and the broadcast of it will make the information
available across the country at a critical time. By taping it and by
showing this tape and lending it to others, you will add to the (scarce)
resources available to Canadians on this important issue. 
An informed citizen is an effective citizen, and make no mistake about
it: knowledge is power.

[Please let CPAC know that you value the broadcast. You can reach them
by e-mail at: comments@cpac.ca., by fax at: (613)567-2749 and by phone
at: (613) 567-2749. You never know, they might do it again!]

CCAFT also has other resources available on the MAI, audio and
videotapes, as well as a printed version of the draft MAI legislation,
available from us for $15.00 (plus $3.50 for mailing). (See our website
for our list of MAI materials and a way to order them.) If you want to
download the legislation, go to the website of OPIRG (Carleton) where
you can find an October '97 version: http://www.flora.org/mai-not

Last but not least: let your provincial and federal representatives know
about this broadcast so THEY can get the information that they presently
don't appear to possess. All MPs are in their constituencies until early
February, so they are only a phonecall - and visit - away from you. (We
are e-mailing a notice to all MPs but a personal call from a constituent
to inform them about the program is, I believe, far more effective.)

Happy New Year to all on the CCAFT list! This broadcast is a good
beginning for what will be for all of us a challenging (to say the
least!) year in our efforts to stop the MAI and to gather momentum for
the cancellation of FTA and NAFTA. 

Marjaleena Repo
National organizer

************CITIZENS CONCERNED ABOUT FREE TRADE*************** 
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			website: http://web.idirect.com/~ccaft  
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