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Burma demo

Sunday, January 4
outside the National Arts Centre, on Elgin St.

Organized by the Canadian Friends of Burma

      Burmese Refugees and Rights Activists to Protest Celebration

Come join Burmese refugees and human rights activists who will line the
entrance to the National Arts Centre this Sunday Jan. 4, 12-2 when the
embassy of Myanmar (Burma) holds a reception to mark the 50th anniversary of
Burma's independence from Britain.

Burma's independence was negotiated by General Aung San, father of democracy
leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi who is currently being held under
close military surveillance in Rangoon. Her National League for Democracy
won a decisive victory in the 1990 elections but this has never been
recognized by the ruling military regime. The State Peace and Development
Council refuses repeated requests from the international community to work
with her toward the restoration of democracy and human rights in Burma. 

The SPDC recently changed its name from the State Law and Order Restoration
Council. Since it seized power it has attempted to re-build Burma's failing
economy, mainly by foreign investment and drug money. Heroin exports have
doubled and military spending is about 60 per cent of the national budget.

Foreign minister Lloyd Axworthy declared Canadian sanctions against Burma
last August. But Canadian mining companies are still among the biggest
foreign mining investors, and imports of cheap cotton Made in Myanmar
clothes in Canadian stores are worth about $10 million.

More information: phone 237 8056 or 233 7133.

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