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demo in solidarity with Chiapas - Mon. Jan. 12 - noon

Please Join Us!!

The Native Peoples in Canada in our

Demonstration of Grief, Outrage and Solidarity
over the massacre of 45 of our relations of the T'zetlal Maya Natin in
Acteal, Chiapas, Mexico on December 22, 1997

When:	Monday January 12, 1998 at noon
Where:	The Embassy of Mexico, 45 O'Connor, Ottawa, Ontario

In memoriam "...for all our relations..."

Alonzo Vasquez Gomez	Lorenzo Gomez Perez	Maria Luna Mendez
Sebastien Gomez Perez	Veronica Perez Oyalte	Rosa Vasquez Luna
Veronica Vasquez Luna	Daniel Gomez Perez	Micaela Vasquez Luna
Pablina Hernandez Vasquez	Juana Vasquez Luna	Roselia Gomez Hernandez
Juana Luna Vazquez	Graciela Gomez Hernandez	Maria Jimenez Luna

Guadalupe Gomez Hernandez	 Miguel Jimemez Perez	Susana Jimmez Luna
Maria Ruiz Oyalte		Catalina Vasquez Perez	Catalina Luna Ruiz
Marcela Luna Ruiz		Alejandro Luna Ruiz	Jaime Luna Ruiz
Regina Luna Perez		Roselia Luna Perez		Ignacio
Pukuj Luna
Micaela Pukuj Luna		Victorio Vasquez Gomez	Augustin Gomez Ruiz
Juana Perez Perez		Juan Carlos Luna Perez	Marcela Vasquez Vasquez
Antonia Vasquez Vasquez	Manuela Paciencia Moreno	Margarita Gomez
Rosa Gomez Perez		Doida Ruiz Gomez		Rosa Perez
Manuel Vasquez Perez	Juana Vasquez Perez	Josefa Vasquez Perez
Marcela Capote Vasquez	Marcela Capote Ruiz	Augustin Ruiz Gomez

Twenty One (2)1 Women -( four of them pregnant)
fourteen (14) children
one (1) infant aged 5 days old
nine(9)  men

Enough is enough!

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