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MAI-Not! meetings


Room D484 Loeb Building (near river), Carleton University
Alternate Tuesdays at 4:30 to 6pm starting Jan. 13th 

Room to be announced, University of Ottawa
Alternate Tuesdays at 7pm starting Jan. 20th

Theme: Forcing answers from Minister Marchi on the MAI proposal


Pressure the responsible Minister in Canada, Sergio Marchi, into either
giving credible answers for his intentions on the MAI proposal, or delaying
a commitment by the government to the MAI, long enough to permit such
public answering. Constituents would ask questions on the MAI to their
elected representatives, who would then seek answers from the Minister.

Proposed means: 

"MAI? Tell us why" stickers, fliers, sample letters and website. Maintain,
update and distribute materials which support the following actions and the
anti-MAI movement as a whole. 

"MP Survey." Participate in organizing phone-in survey to all 301 MPs to
determine their intentions on the MAI. Results to be distributed nationwide. 

"MAI Mondays." People call, fax, or email their MP every Monday to ask,
"what are your intentions on the MAI proposal?" Hold Monday afternoon "MAI?
Tell us why" rallies.

"Equity Statement." Draft a public statement that answers "who would
benefit" (very few) and who would bear the costs and risks (everyone else)
of the MAI.

"Petition the Minister." Continue to collect signatures on MAI petition to
Minister Marchi calling for a government equity statement answering these
"who" questions, and allow sufficient time for public challenge.

"Campus debates." The MAI questions would be put to panelists in debates at
Carleton University and University of Ottawa. MPs would be invited, after
first meeting them in their Parliament Hill or constituency office.

"Ottawa Teach-in." To happen in February at Carleton Univ., including a
workshop on the MAI, accountability and other campaign strategies.

This list is not comprehensive. Not all these may happen as planned. They
will be done on a priority basis, evolving into a basic strategy, as per
internet feedback, liaisons with other citizens' groups in Ottawa, and our
meeting discussions. See you there!

Terry Cottam
MAI-Not! Project, OPIRG-Carleton
opirg@carleton.ca, http://mai.flora.org/
(613) 520-2757, fax (613) 520-3989

(The Multilateral Agreement on Investment, or MAI, is presented as a
proposal for fair treatment of foreign investors. Its actual impact would
be to end democracy worldwide, and replace it with rule by corporations.
This announcement is being posted to inform concerned Canadians and
citizens internationally of our intentions on defeating the MAI.)

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