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Conference: Jan 23

  [slightly reformatted by MCR. No mention is made of whether there is a fee
  to attend. Alette?]

To: opirg-events@ox.org
From: Alette Jacqueline Willis <alette@cyberus.ca>
Subject: Conference: Jan. 23

The Politics of Knowledge Production, Management and Ownership/Control

Friday, January, 23, 1998 Rm 2017, Dunton Tower, Carleton University

A one-day conference organized by Studies in Political Economy with the
financial assistance of the Institute of Political Economy, the Faculty of
Public Administration and Management , the Faculty of Arts and Social
Sciences and the The Office of the Vice President (Research and External) of
Carleton University.

9:00- 10:30 am
State administered practices and the construction of local knowledge

. Francesca Scala, Carleton University, Generating norms and constructing
   policy meanings: The Royal  Commission on New Reproductive Technologies
. Frances Abele, Carleton University, Assessing the Approach to research and
   analysis of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
. Gillian Crease, UBC, The politics of knowledge production: government
   restructuring, immigrants and refugees
11:00 - 12:30 pm
The economy and the construction of scientific knowledge

. Barbara Neis and Paul Ripley, Memorial University, Territorialization, the
   mobilization of bias and the collapse of the northern cod stocks
. Bob Marshall, York University, Capitalism, the Canadian state and
   intellectual property rights
. Roger Keil, York University, Knowledge, communities and the practices of
   urban research

2:00 - 4:30 pm
Roundtable on Intellectual Property Rights 
. Howard Mann, lawyer specialising in international environmental law
   and policy
. Alejandro Argumedo, Cultural Survival Canada
. Jean Christie, Rural Advancement Foundation International
. Chusa Ginez, International Development Research Centre
. Manfred Bienefeld, Carleton University  

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