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MAI-Not! meeting tomorrow, Tues. 20th


Room 401 Fauteaux Hall, University of Ottawa
Alternate Tuesdays at 7pm starting Jan. 20th

Theme: MP Survey: auditing their performance on the MAI

Organizing volunteers to run this survey upon the return of MPs to Ottawa

If you can't come, call 236-6433 or email back if you think you'd be
interested in calling between 5 and 20 MPs with our survey. The text of
this survey will be sent separately to local MAI contacts. If you'd like to
see it, let us know.

Terry Cottam
MAI-Not! Project, OPIRG-Carleton
opirg@carleton.ca, http://mai.flora.org/
(613) 520-2757, fax (613) 520-3989

(The Multilateral Agreement on Investment, or MAI, is presented as a
proposal for fair treatment of foreign investors. Its actual impact would
be to end democracy worldwide, and replace it with rule by corporations.
This announcement is being posted to inform concerned Canadians and
citizens internationally of our intentions on defeating the MAI.)

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