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FWD>FW- Virus Warning

>Date: 27 Jan 98 10:16:06 -0400
>From: Christy Hunnisett <chunnisett@bereskinparr.com>
>Subject: FWD>FW- Virus Warning
>To: Vanessa Bradden <vanner@netcom.ca>,
>        Kathy Conlon <kconlon@city.toronto.on.ca>,
>        Daphne Dias <ddias@ca.ibm.com>,
>        Darren Dias <darren_j._dias@sedgus.com>,
>        Lisa Greaves <octopusbooks@cyberus.ca>,
>        Bob Hall <Bob_Hall@manulife.com>,
>        "Trevor Ho-Chan" <THOCHAN@tor.stikeman.com>, Mary <mary@innova.net>,
>        Chris Tudela <TUDELACH@epo.gov.on.ca>
>         FWD>FW: Virus Warning                                 1/27/98 10:07 AM
>Date: 1/27/98 10:14 AM
>From: Sarah Day
>From: 	Kelli Landers
>Sent: 	Monday, January 26, 1998 3:27 PM
>To: 	'Sarah'; 'Margie'
>Subject: 	Virus Warning
>Here is a warning not to open these emails if you happen to receive them.
>Itindicates IBM and AOL have identified two destructive e-mail viruses.
> Although our Exchange servers are protected we should heed the
>warning.  Also, please share this with your friends.
>Mike Legault
>Network Manager
>WARNING!  If you receive an e-mail titled, "JOIN THE CREW", do not
>>open it! It will erase EVERYTHING on your hard drive.  Send this
>>letter out to as many people you can..this is a new virus and not
>>people know about it.
>>This information was received this morning from IBM, please share
>>it with  anyone that might access the Internet.
>> Also, if anyone receives mail entitled, "PENPAL GREETINGS!",
>>please delete  it  WITHOUT reading it!  This is a warning for all
>>users.  There is a dangerous virus propagating across the Internet
>through an
>>e-mail message  entitled "PENPAL GREETINGS!"!!
>>this message appears to be a friendly letter asking you if you are
>>interested in a penpal, but by the time you read this letter, it is
>>too late. The Trojan  Horse Virus will have already infected the
>>sector of
>>your hard drive, destroying all of the data present.
>>It is a self-replicating virus, and once the message is read, it
>>AUTOMATICALLY forward itself to anyone whose e-mail address is
>>present in YOUR mailbox.
>> The virus will DESTROY your hard drive and holds the potential to
>>DESTROY the hard drive of anyone whose mail is in your mailbox and
>>who's mail is  in  their mailbox and so on.  If this virus keeps
>>it has the potential to do a great deal of DAMAGE to computer
>>> >
>>  Please delete the message entitled "PENPAL GREETINGS!!" as soon as
>>you see it!  And pass this message along to all of your friends,
>>relatives and the  other readers of the newsgroups and mailing
>>are on so that they are not harmed by this dangerous virus!
>>> >
>>   Please pass this along to everyone you know so this can be
>>> >
>>> >   PASS THIS ON TO YOUR FRIENDS.  WARNING!!!!  This is a new
>>going  around in the last couple of days!  DO NOT open or even look
>>any mail that you get that says:  "Returned or Unable to Deliver".
>>virus will attach itself to your computer components and render them
>>> > Immediately delete any mail items that say this.  AOL has said
>>is a very dangerous virus, and there is NO remedy for it at this
>>be careful, and forward to all your on-line friends A.S.A.P.
>>> >
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> with SMTP (Apple Internet Mail Server 1.1.1); Tue, 27 Jan 1998 10:06:32 -0400
>Received: tid KAA18075; Tue, 27 Jan 1998 10:08:54 -0500
>X-Authentication-Warning: newcastle: Host [] claimed to be
>Received: by ontorp006.meloche-monnex.com with Microsoft Mail
>	id <01BD2B0B.5F6178E0@ontorp006.meloche-monnex.com>; Tue, 27 Jan 1998
10:07:28 -0500
>Message-ID: <01BD2B0B.5F6178E0@ontorp006.meloche-monnex.com>
>From: Sarah Day <sday@meloche-monnex.com>
>To: "'Christy'" <chunnisett@bereskinparr.com>,
>        "'Kevin Hendershot'"
>	 <kevinhe@interlog.com>,
>        "'Kevin'" <kmcdonel@imcan.com>
>Subject: FW: Virus Warning
>Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 10:07:21 -0500
>MIME-Version: 1.0
>Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
>Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
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