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[fawcett@physics.utoronto.ca: Global Teach-In 2 in Hamilton]

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    From: fawcett@physics.utoronto.ca (Eric Fawcett)
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    Subject: Global Teach-In 2  in Hamilton
    Date: Wed, 28 Jan

    OPIRG McMaster & The Council of Canadians (Hamilton Chapter) Present:
    TEACH - IN 2:
    Challenge to Democracy
    Date: February 27-28 1998
    Place: McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
    The Conference at a Glance:
    Friday February 27, 7:30 p.m.: The Challenge
    Maude Barlow - Honourary Chair of the Council of Canadians will discuss
    the MAI and Canadian sovereignty
    Warren Allmand - Director of the Center for Human Rights and Democratic
    Dr George Sorger - will discuss globalization and El Salvador
    Duff Conacher - Coordinator of Democracy Watch will discuss balancing free
    market capitalism and democratic rights
    Saturday February 28, 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.: The Response (panel
    Politicians: Warren Allmand (international); Bill Blaikie M.P. (National);
    Dominica Agostino M.P.P. (Provincial); Andrea Horwath (Regional) will
    respond to Friday evenings Challenge
    Saturday February 28, 10:45 to Noon: Workshops
    1) Medicare: Lynn Simmons, Ontario Health Coalition.  Is publicity funded
    health care doomed?
    2) Labour: Dr. Don Wells, Labour Studies, McMaster University.  Can
    organized labour meet the   challenge of globalization?
    3) Banking in Canada: Dr. GordenCoggin, of the Committee on Monetary and
    Economic Reform   (COMER).  The connection between money creation and
    4) Internet: Dr David Jones, President electronic frontiers Canada.
    Regulation and Content of the   global Internet.
    5) Values and Ethics: TBA
    6) Democratic Activism: Anne Emmett and Elizabeth Davies.  Fighting Bill
    7) Mexico, NAFTA and Human Rights: Dr. Nibaldo Galleguillos of McMaster.
    8) Fighting Globalization Hands-On: Bryce Rudyk of McMaster OPIRG.  The
    power of      institutions to fight globalization through selective
    purchasing, with reference to the Free Burma      Movement.
    Saturday February 28, 12:15 to 2:15: Luncheon Speaker
    Tony Clarke, director of Polaris Institute. The proper balance between the
    public and private sectors with special reference to non-government
    Saturday February 28, 2:30 to 3:45: Workshops
    9) Effectively Challenging Corporations: Kevin Thomas, of friends of the
    Lubicon.  Strategies for   grassroots consumer campaigns and the case of
    the Daishawa Inc.
    10) Education: Malcolm Buchanan, General Secretary of the Ontario
    Secondary Schools Teachers  Federations (OSSTF).  An examination of the
    joint pressures of cuts, privatization, charter        schools and voucher
    education bought on by globalization.
    11) Pensions and Proposed New Seniors Benefits: Bill Heshka, Chair of St.
    Catharines Council of   Canadian.  Whither or Whether C.P.P.?
    12) International Monetary Fund: Dr. Gordon Coggins, of COMER.  The
    practices of history of     the IMF, friendly banker or corporate
    13) Environment: Bernard Eccles, Greenpeace.  The threats posed to the
    environment and the        future of human kind.
    14) Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering: Richard Wolfson, Ph.D, Nat'l
    Director Canada        Consumer Rights to Know Campaign.  Mandatory
    labeling and long-term testing of genetic        engineered food.
    15) International Health, Challenges and Controversies: Dr. Karen
    Trollope.  The relationship         between international health programs,
    indigenous medical systems and the role of the
    pharmaceutical industry.
    16) Employment, Race to the Bottom.  Jim Mulvale, of McMaster University.
    Prospects of            employment and globalization.
    Saturday February 28, 4:00 p.m.: Wrap-Up Speaker
    John Sewell, former Mayor of Toronto and head of Citizens for Local
    Democracy.  Strategies for the democratic struggle against the forces for
    Registration Information:
    General           All Events $35.00*     Friday Evening $10.00
    Fixed Income    All Events $15.00*     Friday Evening $5.00
    *includes Saturday Lunch
    Registration may be made in person at Health Sciences Center, McMaster
    University on February 27/28, 1998.  Pre-registration is strongly
    encouraged in order to obtain preferred workshops.  Sessions will be
    limited to 25 participants.
    By Mail or Fax: Please Make Cheque or Money Order payable to:
    Council of Canadians Hamilton Chapter
    Fax to: Globalization Teach-In , c/o O.P.I.R.G, McMaster University, (905)
    Mail In: Globalization Teach-In 2, c/o O.P.I.R.G,
              P.O. Box 1013, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 1C0
    In Person: Room 210, Hamilton Hall, McMaster University
    Billeting available on a first come first serve basis during
    "If you act like there is no possibility for change you guarantee that
    there will be no change"  Noam Chomsky
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