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FROM:          Mark Jowett
SUBJECT:       Ottawa Quality of Life Group - Meeting
DATE:          February 16, 1998
TIME:          7pm
LOCATION:      Billings Room., Regional Municipality of
               Ottawa Carleton Headquarters (RMOC)
               111 Lisgar Street

As a follow up to earlier discussions, the February Ottawa QLN
meeting will feature a showing of " RUNNING OUT OF
TIME", followed by a discussion on the concept of the time

Rather then ushering in a new age of leisure, automation and
increased productivity have resulted in less free time, longer
work hours and greater stress.  Many people feel the resulting
pressure and are not sure what to do about it.

RUNNING OUT OF TIME is a fast paced documentary that
explores the social impact of time pressure and overwork.  The
program looks at how much people fit into their busy lives, how
much responsibility they increasingly assume and how little
leisure time remains.  It contrasts expectations about saving time
with reality, compares conditions in other countries, other times,
and examines solutions to overwork.

If you can spare the time.......come out for an entertaining and
thought provoking evening.

Best Wishes

Mark Jowett

Mark Jowett
The QLN Network
25 Gilmour Street
Ottawa, Ontario 
Canada K2P 0N1 
Tel:  (613) 594-8503
Fax: (613) 569-7512
e-mail: symbiot@istar.ca
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