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Web Sites


I'm a student at Carleton and am in the process of building a web site for
activists. If your organization would like a free web page, e-mail me at 
abuzzell@chat.carleton. Also, if you'd like to be linked, or know of
organizations that I might wish to contact, e-mail me. I've got some
funding lined up for a domain-name, something to the effect of
www.activism-canada.org. Ideas, suggestions? E-mail me. 


"This is the age when man has become fully and throughly problematic to
himself."                                                 -Scheller 
                 "... we never pluck up the courage for real
Andrew Buzzell      progress unless urged to it by suffering that seems 
Philosophy              almost out of all proportion"   -Engles
Carleton University
abuzzell@chat.carleton.ca            'Let the ruling classes tremble ...'
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