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demo against War Preparations in Gulf - Feb 12 @ 4pm

Demonstrate Against US War Preparations in the Gulf!
Hands Off Iraq!

February 12 - 4 pm
In front of the US Embassy on Wellington

Yesterday, during the special debate in the House of Commons, Prime
Minister Chretien announced that Canada is supporting the war preparations
of the US imperialists against Iraq and that Canada will participate in any
military strike against Iraq.

It is clear that the US imperialists want to show the peoples of the world
what will happen to any country or people who will not abide by their
dictate.  Their fascist logic is that MIGHT MAKES RIGHT and on this basis
they are not only planning a murderous assault against a population of 22
million men, women and children in Iraq, but are also creating the danger
of internecine world war.

The position of the Chretien LIberals and of the other political parties in
the House of Commons is not the position of the Canadian people.

We call on all democratic people to demonstrate on February 12 at 4:00 pm
in fornt of the US Embassy on Wellingston.

Oppose the US Imperialist War Preparations Against Iraq!
Oppose Canada's Participation in Any Military Strike Against Iraq!
Hands Off Iraq!

- Ad Hoc Committee Against US War Preparations in the Gulf -
For more informatio call (613) 236-9570 or e-mail rr@magma.ca

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