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OPIRG Board of Directors and Annual General Meeting

OPIRG-Carleton is presently looking for new Board of Director members.

	-experience working in PIRG or non-profit or union groups either as
a volunteer,
 	board member and/or staff member
	-experience working in the above doing one or more of the following:
		-strategic planning
		-financial work
		-grant writing
		-working with volunteers
		-small library organization
		-event promotion and planning
		-staff "management"

	-attend bi-weekly Board meetings (2 hrs every 2 weeks)
	-work together with 8 other members and 2 staff to plan programming
	policy directions
	-accept a portfolio dealing with OPIRG-Carleton's operations
(focusing on one of
 	the above-see qualifications) (approx. 1-2 hrs per week)
	-attend one weekend retreat for Orientation to the board (funded by

If you are interested please call 520-2757 (ask for Heather).  For Carleton
university students, fifteen student signatures on an OPIRG-Board
nomination form are required by March 5, 1998, while, for non-student
community members, $6.30 to join OPIRG and a letter of intent describing
your qualifications, are needed by March 5, 1998.   Board members are
encouraged to apply for a two year term.   OPIRG-Carleton practices an
affirmative action appointment policy.  People of colour, women, gays and
lesbians and disabled applicants will be given preference.

Our Annual General Meeting is Thursday March 19, 1998 in the University
(Faculty) Club on the fourth floor of the University Centre beginning at
7:00pm.  Elections or acclamations for members of the Board of Directors
will occur at this time.  Entertainment to follow.  This is a licensed
event.  All are welcome.

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