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CFV: anti-fascist newsgroups

Deadline 20 Feb! Act now!

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X-Sender: tallpaul@mail.nyct.net
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 23:40:36 -0500
To: "Shel Epstein defense list, via" <tallpaul@nyct.net>
From: Paul Kneisel <tallpaul@nyct.net>
Subject: Anti-fascist news groups forming on the net
X-UIDL: 2f848c8cc2d7a53463c29db743d9b242

I wrote you a year ago about defending Shel Epstein at Northwestern
University after Shel got in trouble challenging the notorious Holocaust
Revisionist Arthur Butz. I am writing you now about three anti-fascist news
groups several of us are trying to form on the net.

The groups are really very "plain vanilla" anti-fascist ones, designed to
be open to input from many different types of people with different
backgrounds and politics. You can read the definition of the groups from
the bureaucratically-worded document we had to submit. This is at
<http://www.anti-fascism.org>. You can also see a partial list of our
endorsers there.

To create the groups we need to win a vote by a 2/3 majority. That means
that we need two pro-tolerance votes for every bigot and cybernazi who
votes against the groups.

To get your ballot and a formal description of the groups you need to send
e-mail to "cfv-request@uvv.stanford.edu" saying "Please send
soc.politics.anti-fascism CFV". The voting ends on 20 February so we hope
you can write as soon as possible.

The defeat of an earlier cybernazi organizing attempt to create the news
group <rec.music.white-power> was a massive victory for the forces opposing
bigotry and hate-speech on the net. The success of the anti-fascist news
groups can be an even greater victory.

But we need your support in this matter.

  --  tallpaul

PS: Should you want to read the 1000-post flamefest that's greeted us
during the net discussion, almost all of it is up on my ftp site:

As before, I'm sending this "blind carbon copy" (BCC:) because some asked
that their names not be immediately visible.

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