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Rally against MAI and AIT 10:30 Thurs.

[cc local MAI contacts]

(The MAI is NOT DEAD contrary to news reports) 


Parliament Hill


10:30 - 11am

Federal Trade Minister Marchi and all the provincial trade ministers meet
Thurs. Feb 19th and Fri 20th in Ottawa. The Agreement on Internal Trade
(AIT) was entered between provinces and Feds in July 1994, now it is being
used to coerce the provinces to prepare for the proposed Multilateral
Agreement on Invesmtment (MAI). Specifically, AIT terms would be expanded
to weaken local control over decisions regarding what's called "MASH":
municipalities, academic institutions, schools and hospitals.

(Note: we are not organizing this rally, it's the initiative of Connie
Fogal in BC who is spearheading the legal challenge against the MAI. She is
coming to Ottawa for this rally)

Terry Cottam
MAI-not! Project
OPIRG_Carleton, OPIRG-Ottawa
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