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Nepal Bazaar

SAP Canada presents: 
Thursday, March 5, 9:00-5:00 
Carleton University, Commons Building, Fenn Lounge (in the residence complex)

SAP Canada is hosting a Nepal Bazaar at Carleton University on Thursday,
March 5.  Part of a two-day Nepal Forum, the bazaar is designed particularly
for students with an interest in world affairs, development issues,
political science, geography, women’s studies, cultural studies,
film-making, journalism and the arts.  It will be a lively event combining
cultural celebration and interactive development education.  Students will
be encouraged to participate in discussions and talk with staff of Canadian
non-government organizations (NGOs) working in Nepal and elsewhere, people
from the Canadian Nepali community, young journalist/film-makers who have
recently returned from Nepal, and our guest speaker from Nepal, a prominent
NGO and women’s leader.

The Bazaar will offer:
· Short films recently completed by four journalism graduates who spent 4
months in Nepal as Canadian Crossroads interns.  The film-makers will be
present to talk with students about their experience
· Presentations and discussions on issues highlighted by the films,
particularly concerning street kids, young girls and women
· Presentations and discussions with Canadian NGOs working in developing
· A lively overview of Nepal, and particularly the situation of women, from
Dr. Arzu Rana-Deuba showing the Nepal that lies beneath Everest and the
Himalayas, trekking and exotic Kathmandu.  Dr. Rana-Deuba will encourage
questions and discussion
· Information on trekking in Nepal and a discussion on trekking, tourism and
the environment
· An exploration of different forms of Nepali music and dance, featuring
young Canadian-Nepali dancers and singers, and musician Sophie Laurent
· More tastes of Nepali culture with traditional hand-painting, food, crafts
and textiles
· Displays, information and staff from Canadian international development

The program of the bazaar will be a mix of informal presentations, films and
discussions in a “Centre Stage” area, punctuated with dance and music, and
surrounded with on-going activity at the tables and booths of NGOs and the
Nepali community.

The Nepal Bazaar will be a unique learning opportunity for students and we
warmly welcome their participation.

Centre Stage Presentations and Discussions

9:00	Opening of the Bazaar
        Welcome from South Asia Partnership Canada
9:45	Street Kids and Orphans in Nepal
        featuring a short film on street kids, and 
        the work of 2 Canadian organizations working with kids in Nepal
10:45	Cultural Show: Nepali Dancers and Singers
11:15	Food Security, Environment and Community Management in Nepal
12:30	Exploring the Music of Nepal
1:30	Nepal: Not Just Another Pretty Mountain Range
        Dr. Arzu Rana-Deuba, a prominent NGO and women’s leader from 
        Kathmandu, will introduce the real face of this ancient
kingdom, where spectacular beauty and rich cultures 
        co-exist with severe poverty
2:00	Women in Nepal
        Featuring a film on the challenges faced in a Nepali 
        village trying to change an age-old custom of girls supporting
their families through prostitution. 
        Follow-Up by Dr. Arzu Rana-Deuba
3:00	Cultural Show: Nepali Dancers and Singers
3:30	Trekking & Tourism in Nepal
4:30	Bringing Nepal Home
        Canadian Crossroads interns discuss their experiences as
journalists in Nepal

For further information, please contact:

Warren Kidd
Nepal Forum Coordinator
South Asia Partnership Canada
(613) 241-1333; sap@web.net

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