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Radio: Suharto mock trial & ETAN - 93.1FM, noon 5 March 98

      Earth Embassy programme for 5 March 1998:

    The mock trial of Indonesian President Suharto
             and an update from ETAN.

    Tune in to CKCU 93.1 FM on Thursday at 1215h, 
          right after the BBC world news.

  (Produced by: Bob Welland, Samer Sadoon, Jana Bishop)

Earth Embassy is PERC's all-volunteer radio show that presents 
grassroots perspectives on peace, environment and social justice 
issues.  For details on volunteering with Earth Embassy or PERC, see 
our website or call the number below.
Krishna E. Bera
Outreach Committee, Peace and Environment Resource Centre
174 First Avenue, Box 4075, Station E, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B1
613-230-4590 | info@perc.flora.org | http://www.perc.flora.org
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