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MAI-NOT Tonight 7PM: Give MAI "The Dracula Test"

From: Terry Cottam <di238@freenet.carleton.ca>
Subject: MAI-NOT TONIGHT 7PM: Give MAI "The Dracula Test"

TIME: 7pm, Tues 3 March
WHERE: Rm 401 Fauteaux Hall, U of Ottawa

The MAI needs "The Dracula Test": can it stand the light of day? 

The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) is presented as a proposal
for fair treatment of foreign investors. In fact it's a scheme to create a
corporate-friendly tribunal that would have authority over all national
laws. In short, global corporate rule. 

Just saying "no" is not enough. Politicians must be made to answer "why?"
There is clearly no excuse. So politicians must be made to suffer public
embarrassment if the answers are not forthcoming.

Tonight we're planning the MP action on March 19th. This coincides with
"speak out against the MAI week" organized by national groups against the
MAI. We'll keep you posted on other MAI events that week. On our part, we
intend to suspend a solid wall of 300 bristol-board "report cards" outside
the Liberal Policy Convention, which begins March 19th at 7pm. We'll be
publicizing the results nationwide through the internet, media and our
website, mai.flora.org. Please help us organize, or come support our action.

It's also the big push to finish the MP survey. MPs will be graded "A"
through "F" on whether and how they respond. Are they informing themselves?
Their constituents? We're streamlining things so only faxes will be sent
with one followup call. Help us make this a success!

Terry Cottam, 236-6433
Coordinator, MAI-Not! Project
OPIRG-Carleton, 520-2757
OPIRG-Ottawa, 230-3076

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