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workshop on environmental and popular education (fwd)

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    From: bolive1@po-box.mcgill.ca (Beatriz Oliver)
    To: ag270@freenet.carleton.ca (Mike Buckthought-OPIRGC)
    Subject: workshop on environmental and popular education
    Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 12:28:36 -0800
    Please distribute this message to others you think may also be
    interested.  Thanks!
    *  Groups or individuals working in the field of environmental
    education and/or popular education.
    * Anyone interested in learning more about these issues!
    Hello!  This is an invitation to participate in "Environmental
    Education across the Americas: popular education methodology and
    environmental education", a day of workshops about environmental
    education.  The general theme includes the work of environmental
    and social justice groups in education, the need for environmental
    education in the formal education system, popular education in
    Canada and Latin America, global education and other approaches.
    It is being organized by the ACCES working group at the Quebec
    Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) at McGill University.  It
    will be held at McGill University on Friday, March 27.
    The plan for this day includes two parts:
    1. In the morning, a series of workshops highlighting the work of
    some environmental and popular educators from Canada and Latin
    2.  In the afternoon, a popular education workshop to promote
    discussion of environmental and popular education, and share
    techniques and approaches.
    If you would like to participate, please let us know what kind of
    objectives you have by filling out the following questionnaire, or
    by letting us know your views in any other way.
    1.  What approaches/techniques do you use in environmental
    2.  What are your concerns regarding environmental education
    (problems, issues, etc.)?
    3.  What objectives would you like to see develop for this
    For more information or to send in your comments, please contact:
    Gisela Frias
    QPIRG-McGill tel: (514) 398-7432/ fax: (514) 398-9876
    Beatriz Oliver
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