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PERC Music Benefit: CHEZA, March 18 at the Rainbow

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From:          Susan Roelofs <email addr deleted>
Subject:       Time to kick up your heels!

Hey folks,

Alrightie, the long-awaited music benefit is coming up fast, and it`s
going to be a fun one.  Good music, the perfect chance to get your body
dancing away into spring, all while raising money for the PERC!

The details?
	Wednesday March 18 at the Rainbow (76 Murray St. in the market)
	Catch the excellent rhythms of CHEZA
	With special guests OUTCRY (playing calypso-inspired tunes)
		Music starts at 9:00 p.m.
		Tickets are $7.00 ($5.00 low income)

Be part of making this event a smash success! Tickets are ready and
available at the PERC...

See you there on the 18th!


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