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Conference on Social Ecology (fwd)

Date: Sat, 07 Mar 1998 15:34:30 -0500
From: QPIRG <qpirg@alcor.concordia.ca>
Subject: (act-mtl) Conference on Social Ecology & Education

    QPIRG Concordia is very excited to be hosting the 8th Continental
Conference on Social Ecology April 3-5 1998. 

    This is the second time the conference has been held in Montreal. Four
years ago, the Public Interest Research Groups at McGill and Concordia
University along with the School of Community and Public Affairs, the Karl
Polanyi Institute, and the Institute for Social Ecology hosted the 4th
Continental Conference on Social Ecology. The event was a large success
bringing together an eclectic group of people from all over eastern Canada
and the US to discuss and debate our common futures.

    Social Ecology presents an alternative to dominant social and economic
human relationships.  The principles of Social Ecology as described by the
Institute for Social Ecology are:

Social Ecology integrates the study of human and natural ecosystems through
understanding the interrelationships of culture and nature. It advocates a
critical, holistic world view and suggests that creative human enterprise
can construct an alternative future, reharmonizing people's relationship to
the natural world by reharmonizing their relationship with each other. This
interdisciplinary approach draws from the natural sciences, feminism,
anthropology and philosophy to provide a coherent critique of
anti-ecological trends, and to offer a reconstructive, communitarian,
technical and ethical approach to social life. In response to the challenge
of creating an ecological society, Social Ecology provides a critical
analysis and suggests a process for building sustainable community
structures threw the intergration of theory and practice.

        This year the conference will examine alternatives in education.
Hosted at Concordia University Montreal by The Quebec Public Interest
Research Group, we will bring together experts working the realms of social
policy, ecofeminism, ecology and development, community organizing,
education, student politics, and municipal democracy. We will explore the
history and practice of modern education, contrasting it to an educational
practice whose goals are environmental and social justice and municipal

	For a complete listing of conference events, please visit our web sight at

    We hope to see you at this upcoming event.  Space is limited though to
around 200 people, so it is important to register in advance.


	Michael Caplan

Ps. - we are looking for vollonteers to help with translation.  We would
like to make this event as accessible as possible.  Any helpers out there?
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