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MAI-Not @ Carleton replaced by evening meeting

There will be no MAI-Not! meeting at 4:30 at Carleton this Tuesday March 10th.

Instead, Tues. evening at 7pm will be the 2nd anti-MAI community meeting at
the Ottawa and District Labour Council, 280 Metcalfe at Gilmour, 5th floor
(above Colonnade Pizza).

Topics include:

Speak out against the MAI week! March 19-22, coinciding with the Liberal
Convention. Both national and local groups will be holding events to put
pressure on the Liberal caucus, and hold them accountable on the MAI
through a survey of all MPs.

Subsequent actions, including lobbying for municipal anti-MAI resolutions,
creating a speakers' list on the MAI, and holding a public debate on the MAI.

For more information on the meeting contact Brian Edgecombe at 237-6278 or
Terry Cottam (coordinator of the MAI-not! Project) at 236-6433.

(The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) is being negotiated in
secret. Under public pressure, the federal government is defending it as a
proposal for fair treatment of foreign investors. In fact it's really a
scheme to cripple the ability of governments to implement laws in the
public interest, by creating a tribunal which would allow transnational
corporations to directly sue our governments and claim huge settlements
against any measure which would cost them profits, now or in future. Hence
the MAI proposal has been dubbed the "corporate rule treaty.")

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