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SOSS x 3: Save Our Stocks, Sturgeon, & Salmon!

Do you care about the world's fish species and stocks?
Do you care about the world's food supply?
Do you care about aboriginal and poor peoples?

Then you should come know that dams nuke fisheries!
From Russia to California to SouthEast Asia dams and water
development have destroyed countless fish and shellfish species.

Help us spread the word and save the world's and Canada's 
beleagured fish stocks from the horror of strangled freshwater flow 
due to dams.

Now Quebec and Newfoundland plan to put the death blow to Canada's 
remaining Atlantic salmon and lobster: more dams in Innu land , at Gull 
Island and Muskrat Falls.  More dams to finish the job Churchill-Nelson,
Manicouagan, and James Bay projects started, pushing the salmon over the brink
to extinction.

Don't let it happen!  There is still time to save the salmon, restore
the life-giving riverflow, save the jobs of artisanel fisherfolk, and 
create jobs in renewable energy sector and boost the Maritime economy
through wise use of what we already have.  The technology exists to 
restore the stock! Let's give them a hand before it's too late!

How?  Support Project Piesces.

Join us!

Project Pisces seeks volunteers to help educate the public, alert
decision makers and the press and inform aboriginal groups.  We're also 
looking for a damn good volunteer editor :)

Come to the first meeting and help us plan for Ertha day and world ocean day!!

Thursday, March 12th at 4 pm
in Rm 326 of the Carleton Unicentre 

There will be coffee available - bring yer mugs :)

for more info:  email dianne@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca
or call 520-2757 and leave a message for Dianne Murray or Jean Lee.

Project Pisces is an initiative of the Dam-Reservoir Working Group.

Stand up for the world's fish stocks, join Project Pisces!
See DRWG's website! [recommended by the Smithsonian Institute's Ocean Planet
exhibit!]    http://www.sandelman.ottawa.on.ca/dams

water for life!

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