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RALLY: Do MPs make the "grade" on the MAI?

What: simple demonstration 

Where: outside the Congress Centre on Colonel By Drive 

When: Thursday March 19th, 6pm to 7pm

Action: We will hold up large "report cards" as delegates to the Liberal
Policy Convention (March 19-22) enter the Congress Centre. The cards will
"grade" Members of Parliament as to their performance on our survey on the
proposed Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) and Financial Services
Agreement (FSA), two proposals that have been negotiated behind closed
doors, that would have profound implications for Canada's sovereignty.

The MAI would cripple the ability of all levels of government to implement
laws in the public interest, by allowing transnational corporations to sue
governments directly for huge settlements. The FSA would commit Canada
forever to opening up its financial sector to foreign interests.

Our survey asks:

1. Have you read the text of the MAI and FSA proposals?
2. What is your position on these proposals?
3. How else are you informing yourself on their implications?
4. How are you informing your constituents on their implications?

MPs will be graded from "A" (complete response, MP is learning about MAI
implications) to "F" (refused to respond, purposeful non-disclosure). In
other words, we are not judging their position on the MAI, but rather their
willingness to inform themselves and their constituents. Why? Such
disclosure ensures that MPs fully consider the interests of their
constituents. This expectation that they explain their intentions is
unassailable. The survey results will be publicized nationwide.

We will quietly hold the "report cards" in a row for passersby, media and
arriving delegates to see. This is part of our "MAI? Tell us why" campaign
to hold politicians accountable on the MAI.

To confirm your participation, volunteer or ask for more details, please
call Terry Cottam at 236-6433, or email di238@freenet.carleton.ca. Visit
our website, http://mai.flora.org. Or join us at our next meeting on the
MAI with community groups, Tuesday, March 10th, 7pm at 280 Metcalfe at
Gilmour, 5th floor (over Colonnade Pizza).

The MAI-Not! Project
OPIRG-Carleton, OPIRG-Ottawa
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