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the referendum campaign @ Carleton University

Hello all,

A coalition of organizations at Carleton University have called for a
campus wide referendum on Wednesday March 25, 1998.  The referendum will be
seeking students, staff and faculty opinion on four questions dealing with
tuition, program cuts, support services and governance (see preamble and
questions below).   This is a critically important test for the progressive
organizations at Carleton.  We must demonstrate that we have popular
support for our positions regarding university restructuring.  If we fail
this test Carleton management will in all likelihood proceed with even
greater disregard for the opinions of our organizations.

This stage of the campaign is focused entirely on moblizing people to vote.
To that end we are calling for leafletting Friday March 20, Monday March
23, Tuesday March 24 between 11 and 2 pm each day (gather in Bakers Lounge
- 4th floor unicentre).  Also, we need people to speak to their classes,
friends, clubs and societies.  There are posters and leaflets available in
the OPIRG office (326 Unicentre), CUSA office (400 Unicentre), CUASA
(Dunton Tower) and in the CUPE 2323 and 2424 offices (fifth floor
Unicentre).  Pick them up and distribute as widely as possible.  A four
page tabloid style broad sheet will be available as of Saturday afternoon.

The other major need for support right now is people to staff the polling
stations on Wednesday.  Please consider volunteering your time.

If you have any questions please call me at 231-4270.

in solidarity

len bush

Referendum Questions

n.b. first paragraph is preamble, the second is the question.


Recent decisions by the provincial government give the Board of Governors
and the management of Carleton University the power to raise tuition fees
for undergraduate students up to 20% over the next two years and deregulate
tuition fees for graduate students.

Do you think that the Board of Governors and the University Management
should freeze tuition for the next two academic years (1998-99 and
1999-2000) at current levels?


Carleton University is the only university in Canada that has closed
academic programs (e.g. Physics, modern languages etc.) without adequate
provisions for students to complete their degrees.   Furthermore, Carleton
is the only university that is attempting to lay-off tenured faculty
without the right of retraining or transfer.  This will reduce Carleton's
ability to recruit students and faculty

Do you think that Carleton should honour its obligation to students and
tenured faculty when making decisions about closing programs?


Since 1995, Carleton's management has made cuts to your support services in
excess of 200 positions.  This winter, they eliminated a further 25
positions, including counselling, lab technicians, administrative services,
equity services and others.

Do you believe support services at your university are crucial  and should
be maintained?


Government cuts, poor recruitment policies and disastrous financial
planning by university management have created dramatic changes at
Carleton.  Management continues to restructure the university without
seeking a mandate from students, staff and faculty boards.

Are you opposed to the recent policies and direction initiated by the Board
of Governors and the management of this university?

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