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COAT meeting April 9 (re: air show)

COAT meeting: Thurs, April 9, 7:30pm.  489 Metcalfe St (south of Queensway)

Please join us at a meeting to plan a response to :
(1) the National Capital Air Show
(2) the military/high tech trade show
(3) the conference of all Latin American air force generals (in Ottawa)

These wonderful events are all happening May 30-31 in Ottawa. Aren't we
the lucky ones?  

Join us in planning to set up info. tables and displays inside the
airshow, where the military trade show is happening (These events
are timed to coincide with the coming of the Latino air force generals).

We really need help on this.  Please join us.

Richard Sanders, Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
COAT, 489 Metcalfe St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K1S 3N7
Tel: (613) 231-3076     Fax (613) 231-2614   
WWW: http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/coat    Email: ad207@freenet.carleton.ca
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