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Freeze tuition and increase funding for education!

The next meeting of the U of O GSAED Post-Secondary Education 
Committee will be on April 7 at 5:30pm at the GSAED office, 601 

Following a successful meeting on March 18 "The Future of 
Post-Secondary Education - For Students to Decide!", attended by many
sectors of the University of Ottawa (profs, part-time profs, School 
of Grad Studies, a vice-rector, Fulcrum, Rotonde, GSAED), GSAED held 
another meeting on April 1 to continue discussion on PSE and organize 

In light of the special Board of Governors meeting expected to be held
at the end of April which will decide on tuition fees for next year,
participants in the April 1 meeting decided to launch a petition to
the BOG making two demands:

1) A tuition freeze; and,

2) A call on the BOG to join with the students, faculty and staff who
sign the petition to demand that the provincial government increase
funding for post-secondary education.

The purpose of the petition is also to involve more students in 
discussion and action on the future of post-secondary education. Those
who sign the petition will be consulted about holding a demonstration
sometime before the BOG meeting to present the petition to the

Petitions are available at the GSAED office. Everyone is welcome to
take as many as they need. Ask your colleagues to sign the petition
and encourage them to get their friends to sign it as well! Our aim is
to get 500 signatures by April 15. It can be done!

For more info, reply to this e-mail or call 562-5800 x.3011.
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