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[pafield@igc.apc.org: Summer Canvass Opportunities]

Re: Internship Opportunities in U.S. Peace Organizations this Summer

    From: pafield@igc.apc.org (Sheila Dormody)
    To: paarmstrade@igc.org
    Subject: Summer Canvass Opportunities
    Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 12:49:16 -0800 (PST)
    The search is on!
    Please distribute these announcements for canvass director positions and
    summer internships to all who may be interested. Thank you for your help.
                               SPAN Summer
                        Internship Opportunities
                  Seattle * San Francisco * Santa Cruz
                   * Los Angeles * Chicago * Boston *
    Peace Action is the nation's largest grassroots peace and disarmament
    organization with a commitment to abolishing nuclear weapons, ending
    international weapons trafficking, and eliminating Pentagon budget waste,
    fraud, and abuse.
    Peace Action demonstrations in dozens of cities from coast to coast in
    January and February helped turn the tide of public opinion against the use
    of military action against Iraq and pressured the Clinton administration to
    accept a diplomatic solution. The protests, along with the audience
    reaction at the Ohio State University "Town Meeting," made it clear to the
    administration that a US bombing c
    ampaign would be met with a firestorm of protest.
    Peace Action will continue to hold elected officials accountable through
    Peace Voter '98. Throughout the election season, Peace Voter '98 will
    mobilize voters to keep the pressure on elected officials and candidates to
    address peace and disarmament issues in their campaigns.
    SPAN Summer Internship Program
    SPAN Summer is designed to support Peace Voter and to provide organizing
    skills training to student activists. SPAN Summer interns will work with
    Peace Action staff and 2-12 other interns on a Peace Voter campaign in
    Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, or San Francisco.
    Internships run from four to twelve weeks. This hands-on organizing
    experience involves coordinating volunteers to
     ask questions at candidate forums, planning media and street
    theater events for the campaign, and canvassing 5 shifts per two week period.
    Interns will be provided training in effective organizing strategies,
    speaking out on peace and justice issues, public education, lobbying and
    other necessary campaign skills. Interns will be supervised by experienced
    Interns must be committed to Peace Action's mission and political tactics.
    They must also be enthusiastic, self-motivated workers. Previoius
    organizing experience is helpful, but not necessary.
    Housing and a $100 weekly stipend will be provided. Some funds are
    available for reasonable travel expenses. Please indicate if you will be
    requesting a partial travel stipend.
                              SPAN SUMMER
                            Application Form
    Please complete this form and return by April 15, 1998 to Sheila Dormody, Field
    Organizer, Peace Action, 1819 H Street NW #420, Washington DC 20006.
    In which cities would you be interested in interning?
    __Seattle, WA       __San Francisco, CA      __Los Angeles, CA
    __Chicago, IL       __Boston, MA             __Santa Cruz, CA
    For how many weeks?
    __Four              __Eight        __Twelve       __Other
    Why are you interested in being a SPAN Summer Intern?
    What do you hope to gain and learn during your internship experience?
    What organizing experience do you have?
    Other Comments:
                           POSITIONS AVAILABLE
                 Peace Voter '98 State Canvass Directors
                 Seattle * Milwaukee * Boston * Chicago
    Peace Action is the nation's largest grassroots peace and disarmament
    organization with a commitment to abolishing nuclear weapons, ending
    international weapons trafficking, and eliminating Pentagon pork. The Peace
    Voter '98 campaign will hold elected officials and candidates accountable
    on these issues.
    Canvass Directors will recruit, hire, train and develop teams of canvassers
    to raise funds and recruit volunteers for Peace Voter '98. Six-month
    positions are available in Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee and Seattle.
    * Understanding of and commitment to Peace Action's mission and tactics.
    * Strong canvass and field managing experience.
    * Demonstrated commitment to training and retaining new staff.
    * Proven administrative and record-keeping skills.
    * Ability to manage payroll, make budgets, and monitor finances.
    Women and people of color strongly encouraged to apply.
    Salary & Benefits: Based on experience and location.
    Apply: Contact Sheila Dormody, Field Organizer, by April 8, 1998.
    Peace Action
    1819 H Street NW #420
    Washington DC 20006-3603
    email: pafield@igc.org
    Sheila Dormody, Field Organizer                      PEACE ACTION
    pafield@igc.org                                 1819 H ST NW #420
    202.862.9740 x3006 ~ fax 202.862.9762        Washington, DC 20006
    $*$*$*$*$ 2 LINES REFORMATTED BY POPPER AT igc.apc.org $*$*$*$*$

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