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Attend the ESAC Conference (fwd)

> We invite you to attend the 1998 Environmental Studies Association of
> Canada Conference!  The conference is part of the larger Congress of the
> Social Sciences and Humanities and will be held from June 2 to June 5 at
> the University of Ottawa.
> We have over 90 speakers scheduled to speak on a wide range of
> environmental topics including, environmental philosophy, politics, policy,
> activism, analysis, law, management, lobbying, economics and more.  The
> presenters have done a fabulous job of incorporating the Bridges and
> Boundaries theme of the conference into their proposed presentations.  It
> is going to be a terrific conference!  
> Take a sneak peak at the preliminary programme on the Environmental Studies
> Association of Canada (ESAC) website:
> http://www.yorku.ca/faculty/academic/meisner/esac/
> You can register on-line for the ESAC conference through the Humanities and
> Social Sciences Federation of Canada’s Congress website.  The website
> contains both English and French versions of the registration information.
> The address is:
> http://www.hssfc.ca/cong/congressInfoEng.html
> More details on how to register are also available on the ESAC website.
> While the early registration deadline has passed, there are no late fees
> for students.  So register now!
> If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Conference
> Coordinators Jennifer Ellis at jlellis@cousteau.uwaterloo.ca and Sherilyn
> MacGregor at shermac@yorku.ca.

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