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Prema Oza: New Discussion List--Place and Community Studies (fwd)

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Subject: New Discussion List--Place and Community Studies (fwd)

A new discussion list....

***Announcing the Place and Community Studies Discussion List!***

The Place and Community Studies discussion list, sponsored by the Place
and Community Studies Institute, is an interdisciplinary forum to discuss
ways in which teaching, research, activism, living practices, and artistic
production can be applied to valuing and sustaining our unique places:
our natural and built environments, as well as our social communities.
Part of the mission of the list is to foster dialogue and build bridges
between people from all walks of life and, for teachers and scholars,
between all levels and disciplines.

To help build a strong community on the list, we would ask that all new
subscribers post an introductory message describing your background and
your specific interests regarding this list.

To subscribe to the list, compose a message addressed to:


In the subject line, type the word subscribe.  Send message--that's it!
No need to put anything in the body of the message.

The list will be archived at http://earthsystems.org/list/PlaceComm/.

Basic information about the list (pretty much what is in this message) can
be found at http://www.earthsystems.org/PlaceComm/.

Please join this new list--up and running just today!--and please feel
free to forward this information to other appropriate lists and

Thank you!

Tom Dean

- -- 
When the axe came into the forest, the trees said, 'the handle is one of us.'


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