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Workshops: Input to Lands for Life (fwd)

> Please distribute widely and quickly.
> -
> 'Lands for Life' workbook sessions in Ottawa.
> Two dates to choose from:
> Thursday April 23 / Monday April 27
> 7 to 9:30 pm
> Meeting Room 1A/1B (downstairs next to the auditorium)
> Ottawa Public Library Main Branch, 130 Metcalfe at Laurier
>     CPAWS presents these evening sessions to assist you in making input to
> the Ontario government's so-called Lands for Life plans, which will
> allocate 46 million hectares of Ontario public land to mining logging and
> other uses by this June.  We believe this is our last chance to achieve
> any significant new parks or protected areas in Ontario.  Two of the
> government appointed Round Tables are asking for public input through a
> workbook which asks a series of multiple choice and short-answer
> questions.  Filling out the workbooks is easier than it first looks, but
> many people have asked for assistance.  CPAWS (and not the government) is
> filling this need.
>     WHAT TO DO:
> 1. Please come to one of the sessions.  We will provide everything you
> need to input to both the Great Lakes-St.Lawrence and the Boreal East
> round tables.
> 2. It will be most useful to you to arrive for 7 pm.  You can also drop in
> anytime during the evening.
> 3. You can get started now.  You can access materials for the Great
> Lakes-St. Lawrence round table on the web:
> - the workbook at http://www.web.net/wild/glbookin.htm
> - tips on completing workbook at http://www.web.net/wild/guide.htm
> - the land use scenarios at http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca
> 4. Make sure you are on the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources mailing
> lists for each of the three Round Tables (if you did not receive a
> workbook you are not on the list).  Call them at 1-800-898-8530, e-mail:
> glrt@webmail.mnr.gov.on.ca
> Thank you for helping us defend Ontario's parks and wilderness.
> P.S.  Please let us know if you will be attending one of our workbook
> sessions:
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> Protecting wild Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and beyond since 1970.
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