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may day event

Come to a May Day event Friday May 1st, 7pm at 233 Gilmour St.  $5.00
unless you are an injured worker, have a union card, have a party card,
have a student card, are an unemployed worker or a politician who has
demonstrated support to the foregoing.  For more information, contact Doug
Perrault at 782-6633 or Michael Ryan at 565-8324.  This event is supported
through the resources - financial and otherwise of:  ODIWG, Ottawa Vanier
NDP, CEUDA local 70066, ODLC, PSAC, PAC-PSAC-NCR, Nepean West-Ottawa NDP,
Ottawa Musicians' Association, Ottawa Centre NDP.  Bring your banners,
flags buttons, tee-shirts, etc. to show your progressive colours. See you

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