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SAT. 8PM - it can be done - opera

!!! REMINDER !!!

8:00pm - Premiere performance of It Can Be Done (FREE!)
9:00pm - Join the musicians in the basement of the Royal Oak, 161 
Laurier Avenue East, at 9:00pm following the performance!

An opera in one act in concert production based on the struggle of 
the people of Ontario against the cuts to health care, education and 
other social programs.

SATURDAY, MAY 9, 1998 - 8:00pm
Chapel, Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa
- Free Admission -

"The all-round crisis is deepening.
The rulers have themselves crowned as kings.
They rule by decree and destroy the economy.
Now we have to decide. 
Will we go with the Old, the status quo,
Or will we take a stand for the New?"
- Scene Six

music and libretto by ROBERT RIVAL "IT CAN BE DONE" ZACY BENNER  
costumes, set design, props and staging by JOEL DUFF  CHANTAL-ANDREE 

For more information write to rr@magma.ca or call the Department of 
Music, University of Ottawa, at (613) 562-5733

It Can Be Done
An Opera in One Act
Music and Libretto by Robert Rival


PEOPLE: We are here today to demand our rights be recognized.

Scene One (Cabinet)
- Rule by Decree -
At a Cabinet meeting, the Premier declares that the Government has no
choice but to rule by decree. At first the Deputy Premier protests but
later concedes that they have no choice. The two enact a raucous
television ad glorifying their rule by decree.

Scene Two (Community Centre)
- We've Lost Faith in this System -
The Single Mother expresses her loss of faith in the existing system
and tells of the hardship she faces. The Bus Driver describes the
unsatisfactory resolution of a recent strike. The Student explains the
difficulties she has in pursuing her education. Together, they all
express their loss of faith in the existing system.

Scene Three (Cabinet)
- We Have No Choice -
The Premier and Deputy Premier discuss the need to cut back spending
in education, social assistance, health care and other social programs
in order to hand over money to the monopolies who need it to compete
globally. They reaffirm the need to rule by decree to achieve this.

Scene Four (Community Centre)
- Health Care Is a Right -
At a community meeting the Student informs the People of the
Government's decision to close ten hospitals. The Bus Driver and
Single Mother decry the decision and declare that something must be
done. The People affirm that health care is a right. They all decide
to hold a demonstration at the Legislature to protest this decision.

Scene Five (Grounds of the Legislature)
- We Are Here Today -
The Student, Single Mother and Bus Driver lead the People in a
demonstration at the Legislature. They wave placards and shout
slogans. The frightened Deputy Premier looks on from within the
Legislature as the Premier reiterates that they have the right to rule
by decree. The peaceful protest is violently interrupted by the riot
police who badly injure several protesters.

Scene Six (Grounds of the Legislature)
- It Can Be Done! -
In the eery calm that follows the Single Mother reflects on the tragic
turn of events. She is, however, optimistic that their struggle will
meet with success and leads the People in a triumphant song It Can Be

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