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Forest Activist Training-Last Call (fwd)

Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 13:02:51 -0500
From: Native Forest Network <nfnena@sover.net>
Subject: Forest Activist Training-Last Call

Native Forest Network FINAL NOTICE
Fifth Annual Forest Activist Training Week
June 7-14, 1998

Native Forest Network Eastern North America will be hosting its fifth
annual Forest Activist Training Week beginning on Sunday, June 7
through Sunday, June 14, 1998.

The training week will be held at the Wheelock Farm in the beautiful
Green Mountains of Vermont, USA.  Experienced activists will be
assembled throughout the week to train participants in a wide array
of forest defense activities including:

*Working with the mainstream media and creating our own media
*Creative Fundraising
*Compass work and Orienteering
*Civil Disobedience Training
*History of non-violent CD and radical movements in the US
*Communication, Networking and Working in Coalition
*Climbing, Tree Sitting & Banner Hanging
*Action Planning:  setting goals, reconnaisance, implementation
and many others including informal discussions, role plays and nighttime

For more information or to register, please contact
 Native Forest Network at (802) 863-0571, PO Box 57,
 Burlington, VT 05402, USA email: nfnena@sover.net

Space is limited so register ASAP!

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