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planning anti-globalization event in ottawa - May 16 @ 11 am

on Saturday May 16 at 11 am (in the board room of CUPW - corner of Bank and
Lewis streets) an ad-hoc group of people are meeting to plan an action
coinciding with the World Trade Organizations (WTO) first ministers meeting
taking place in Geneva between May 16 and 20.  grassroots groups world-wide
are organizing actions during that period and we think that Ottawa should
be part of it.  this is not building a coalition or an organization, for
the moment anyway, but simply planning some media/direct action event to
raise the manner in which globalization is plundering the planet and its

Philippe Duhamal, who is one of the organizers in Montreal, will be
attending to talk about the plans to "shut down" the WTO meetings taking
place there later in the month and how Ottawa can support their efforts.

informal discussions have proposed a banner hanging, office occupation,
street theatre ....  in other words a wide range of legal, and otherwise,
actions.  please send this message to people you think would be interested
in participating.

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