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actions against WTO - Wed. May 20

Attention: Ottawa Area Activists

Join people around the world in international protests against the trade
liberalization and globalization agenda being orchestrated through the World
Trade Organization.

Join in a world-wide resistance to the program of environmental degradation and
violation of human rights and workers' rights which the World Trade
Organization is implementing.

Join the fight against an international governing body - the World Trade
Organization - which establishes trading rules that assist large transnational
corporations to dominate the world economy.

Peoples' Global Action, an international network of peasant movements, women's
groups, indigenous peoples, environmentalist, workers and others, has called
for actions around the world to protest the World Trade Organization
Ministerial Meetings taking place in Geneva May 18 - 20, 1998.


Ottawa activists can join the international protests by getting involved in the

a) Banners will be hung from overpasses across highway 417 on the morning of
Wednesday, May 20, 1998.  Interested in joining?  Meet at 377 Bank St. At 7:00
am Wednesday morning.  For more information contact Dave Bleakney at 236-7238
(work) or 730-1386.

b) There will be a noon hour (12:00 noon) demonstration on front of the Royal
Bank right at the corner of Spark St. And Metcalfe St. On Wednesday, May 20,
1998.  The merging of major Canadian Banks is part of World Trade Organization
plans to ensure transnational corporation domination of the world economy.

c) On Sunday, May 24th and Monday, May 25th, there will be a major action
protesting la Conference du Montreal in Montreal.  This conference is a
gathering of leaders from the World Bank, the International Montary Fund, the
OECD, the World Trade Organization together with representatives from major
transnational corporations and governments.  A large civil disobedience action
take place at the conference.  Ottawa activists are planning on participating.
If you would like to participate, please contact Dave Bleakney at 236-7238
(work) or 730-1386.

If you want further information about any of the events posted here, or would
like to get involved in future events to build local analysis and resistance to
trade liberalization and globalization, please contact Brian Edgecombe by phone
at 237-6278 or e-mail at:


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