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Building the Province Wide General Strike
Town Hall Meeting

On Monday, June 1, the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Ottawa and
District Labour Council will be conducting a Town Hall Forum to hear from
the citizens of Ottawa-Carleton  on the damage done by the Harris government
on the Region since its election three years ago. It will be held in the
Champlain Room of the Regional Municipal Headquaters at 111 Ligar Street (at
Elgin), startin at 7:30 p.m.

OFL President Wayne Samuleson and ODLC President Mohamad Alsadi, will be
part of a panel who will hear from representatives of social sectors who
have suffered cuts in Ottawa: education, healthcare, women, the poor and the
homeless. Critical 2 will present a guerilla theatre piece on the cuts to
post-secondary education. Regional Councillor  Clive Doucet will document
the effects of downsizing on the region. The public is invited to share
their stories on the Tory Govenment's Wrecking Ball and to discuss
opposition strategies for Ottawa=Carleton.

The meeting is a component of the OFL's mobilization to a Province-wide
General Strike in the fall. The meeting will also be a building block to
participation in the Kingston Day of Action on Monday, June 8, the third
anniversary of the election of the Harris Government. People can sign up to
go to Kingston for the day.

For further information on the Town Hall and/or the Day of Action call the
Labour Council at 233-7820, or me at 520-7482.

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