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Letter-to-editor re: Airshow/generals

This is the weekend of the War/Air Show.  
You may already have heard the warplanes screeching past over Ottawa.
Please join us:
(1) at the war/air show (details to follow re: buses etc.)
(2) at our Vigil (Sunday 8pm at the Conference Centre on
Colonel By Dr., opposite the Westin Hotel) 

!!!!!!!Check our today's (May 29) Citizen!!!!!!!!!
There's an excellent op ed and an article on the War/Air Show (C section) 
There was also a letter-to-editor on Tuesday of this week.

IMPORTANT:  Please write a letter to the City Editorial Page editor,
Randall Denley, rdenley@thecitizen.southam.ca  or fax it to him at 

here are a few different angles you could consider elaborating upon:

* Pakistan/India nuclear explosions (there are nuclear capable weapons
delivery sytems at the war/air show)

* Iraq war/sanctions (there are bombers there that were used against Iraq)

* Central and South American issues (CONJEFAMER conference of generals. 
They're arriving tomorrow and will be here til Thursday.

* Cultural issues (is war technology appropriate for children/adult

* military exports (htere's a military trade show at the air show, the
generals are all going, the military attaches of local embassies are
invited.  Is this an ethical business, selling military hardware to
countries at war or repressing their own civilians

* US militarisation (go wild with this one.  The air force general here
with CONJEFAMER flew over 100 missions against Vietnam.  US is biggest
military producer, exporter, and threat.  More invasions and interventions
and coups engineered by US than any other country.  They're our biggest
military purchaser.)

A short letter which refers to the op ed or article about the air show has
a very good chance of getting in.  Please "fire one off" and keep these
issues in the news.  Thanks!


Richard Sanders, Coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
COAT, 489 Metcalfe St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K1S 3N7
Tel: (613) 231-3076     Fax (613) 231-2614   
WWW: http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/coat    Email: ad207@freenet.carleton.ca
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