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Summer Action Alert

Canadian Friends of Burma		                     June 12, 1998 					
                      Summer Action Alert!
	Dear Friend of Burma:

	Greetings to all Burma supporters throughout the country. This letter is to
remind you of two important historical dates which are fast approaching. The
first is August 8, or 8.8.88 as is familiar to many, which will mark the
tenth anniversary of the massacres which were carried out against peaceful
democracy protesters by troops of Ne Win's Burma Socialist Program Party.
Thousands were killed (some put estimates as high as 8000), and countless
others were wounded. The second date is September 18 which will be the tenth
year that the SLORC (now known as the SPDC) has been in power.

	 To highlight these dates and bring attention to the continuing struggle
for democracy, Canadian Friends of Burma is calling on all friends of Burma
to beat off the summer heat (or cold) and take action! Throughout the forty
days, starting on August 8, adopt whatever activities you wish to take on
such as demonstrations, information tables, cultural nights, letter-writing
campaigns to companies and MPs etc. in order to raise the Burma profile and
activism in your local area. Don't forget to contact your local media and
Member of Parliament who will be back in the constituency for the summer. On
September 18, in order to make it a truly "national day of action", CFOB is
calling on all Burma activists to gather together in your respective areas
and hold a public event to call on the Canadian government to impose
investment sanctions on Burma and to take a lead in calling for UN sanctions
on the country.

Please contact CFOB if you require any materials (i.e. info sheets, videos,
posters) or any other type of support to help you with your activities. 

Christine Harmston			Robin Black
Coordinator				Events Coordinator

	"When spiders unite they can tie down a lion"

Canadian Friends of Burma
145 Spruce, #206
Ottawa, ON
K1R 6P1
(613) 237 8056
Fax (613) 563 0017
e-mail: cfob@web.net

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